Testing dynamic-static page with blocks

  • Sharing files with the Transmission system user

    tl;dr don’t use chmod -R 777

  • Decoding the encoding part I: Mistaking UTF-8 for Something Else

    Solving the mystery of scrambled text one ЋВЛ� at a 💩å.

  • Tasks.org is a very versatile phone to-do list

    Is there anything it can’t do?

  • Publishing docker ports to instead of

    Avoid exposing applications to direct access (sidestepping a reverse proxy).

  • Server logs and GDPR compliance

    How to bring Nginx logs in to compliance with the GDPR.

  • Post formats (not quite) in 2021 WordPress

    Post-type-specific CSS doesn’t sound all that sexy

  • Using matomo to do away with cookie consent

    Analytics and privacy part 2: A how-to in website statistics without processing personal data or violating the GDPR and the ePrivacy directives

  • Why I don’t have a cookie consent banner

    Analytics and privacy part 1: Exploring the GDPR and ePrivacy directives (“cookie laws”) and how they impact the use of website statistics

  • Where did that request really come from?

    Testing X-Forwarded-For headers with WordPress, Nextcloud et al.

  • Using Rsync on Android 2: Switching Syncopoli to SSH from the Rsync protocol

    Using SSH for privacy and security

  • Sharing directories with system users: Private user groups, set group and umask

    Sharing is caring and system users have feelings, too

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 11: pflogsumm

    Postfix logs summarized for your reviewing pleasure

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 10: Restricting access

    Additional postfix rules and tricks to slow down and frustrate spammers and evildoers

  • Let’s do Dovecot slowly and properly – Part 4: Filtering with Sieve

    Using the Sieve plugin with Dovecot to filter and sort incoming email

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 9: Using Rspamd as a spam milter

    Rspamd is the lesser evil when it comes to a choice of spam filters – or a choice between spam filters and spam

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