Testing dynamic-static page with blocks

  • Please take my money: Prioritising online donations

    I love too many online projects, content creators and the like to support them all. How to prioritise?

  • Creating a simple text box in Gutenberg/WordPress

    How do you do a “text box” block in WordPress when Gutenberg doesn’t include one?

  • Selfhosted Vaultwarden feels like a step up from KeePassXC

    But it is a trade-off between security and convenience

  • Steam De-C64-k – VICE on the Steam Deck

    Emulating the oldest home computer on the newest one

  • Good boring: A OnePlus 6 on lineageos as daily driver

    A good smartphone is a boring smartphone.

  • Samba simplified

    Much like dancing instructors, Samba guides either overcomplicate things or just don’t explain themselves. Let’s find the joy in Samba.

  • Yes, you can make changes to the Steam Deck’s root file system

    Without disabling read-only

  • Switching to systemd-resolved for mDNS

    Local name resolution made simple

  • Outreach marketing

    An offer I could refuse

  • Understanding (and customizing) Tilix

    Tilix does things differently than most terminal emulators – for better and for worse.

  • The quick and dirty way to get tmux on your Steam Deck

    I want my TMX

  • Does cp make a copy or create a new file?

    It has default settings like any other application. You should know them.

  • Sharing files with the Transmission system user

    tl;dr don’t use chmod -R 777

  • UTF-8 mojibake – a practical guide to understanding decoding errors

    Solving the mystery of scrambled text one ЋВЛ� at a 💩å.

  • Tasks.org is a very versatile phone to-do list

    Is there anything it can’t do?