Testing dynamic-static page with blocks

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    Using the Sieve plugin with Dovecot to filter and sort incoming email

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    Rspamd is the lesser evil when it comes to a choice of spam filters – or a choice between spam filters and spam

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    Incoming and outgoing mail have tended so far to generate separate topics and posts in this series. But reducing spam and not getting taken for a spammer are…

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 7: Encryption

    Encrypting MTA-to-MTA encryptions for private and secure relay of email

  • Customizing Midnight Commander

    Quick-quitting, left-right-proportions and skinning

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    Avoiding troublesome characters? Story of my life, mate

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    Transferring files from your linux host to your phone using good ol’ rsync

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    Assigning Dovecot the task of local mail delivery using LMTP

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 6: Relay authenticating with SASL

    I have explored the default setting of Postfix to allow local machines to send without authenticating, simply based on them being on the local network (permit_mynetworks). Even if…

  • Powerline secrets

    You know that XKCD comic where the protagonist googles a tech question and the only matching result is from a long dead thread or even forum that details…

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    Sometimes a Stackoverflow answer is so good that it helps me understand something I had kind of given up on. The distinctions of login and interactive shells are…

  • How to force Steam UI doubling on linux

    In 2018 Steam on linux got the ability to autodetect HiDPI screens and resize the UI accordingly. I would guess this kicks in on 4k resolutions. I’m guessing…

  • Customize your keyboard layout (and have it work under Wayland)

    Customizing keyboard layout is a bit of a jungle. What works when you’re on the console may not work when you’re running X which again may not work…

  • Proxy-set-header: Forwarding HTTP headers from Nginx to a WordPress container

    I detailed in a recent post how I got a working WordPress container setup, complete with database and PHP engine. I saved the bit about how to redirect…