Testing dynamic-static page with blocks

  • How to get domain-specific user stylesheets in Epiphany

    Epiphany isn’t really at the top of my browser list. I guess I should say ‘Web’ as it’s now called but a) nobody can google that and b)…

  • These go to 11

    The PulseAudio daemon has the ability to set it’s niceness level after launch. This can be helpful if the process isn’t prioritised properly and sound cuts out now…

  • LibreOffice Online alpha demo looks promising

  • Get up on my cloud: What to consider when choosing private cloud software applications

    Getting off of the corporation cloud and onto your own, self-hosted, open source-based is an arduous task. We use a lot of web based services these days and…

  • No Title: Working around the missing –title parameter in Gnome Terminal

    About a year ago the Gnome developers took away the option to run Gnome terminal with the –title parameter. This allowed you to give the terminal window a…

  • Decrypting drives using the command line

    Encrypted USB drives are fairly easy to use on most linux desktops. Whatever automount supplier you’re running with will pop up a dialogue window asking for the password…

  • They finally let us: Trying out the Let’s Encrypt beta

    “Greetings from Let’s Encrypt, mail@brokkr.net.” Greetings to you too. It’s been quite a wait so I guess a bit of formality is in order. Now, can we please…

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 5: Relaying from the local network

    Understanding how Postfix makes decisions regarding relay, i.e. whether or not to pass on the mail submitted to it.

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 4: Virtual domains

    Replacing local accounts with virtual accounts – and understanding the difference

  • Disabling functions key shortcuts in XFCE4-terminal

    Disabling functions key shortcuts in XFCE4-terminal (so that they’re available for ncurses programs)  

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 3: Opening up to the outside

    Testing the limits of local: System user email on a host accessible from the internet

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 2: Address manipulation

    Tweaking a local postfix setup with aliases, .forward and more.

  • Let’s do Postfix slowly and properly – Part 1: A simple local mail receiving server

    Because simple is the best starting point.

  • Bluetooth Speakers Switch-on-Connect

    As a postscript to my previous post about connecting Bluetooth speakers: Getting PulseAudio to switch to the newly connected speakers as the output (and the device receiving ‘Volume…

  • Bluetooth dual-booting: Sharing a bluetooth device between linux and windows

    If you’ve used Linux for several years across various devices you are going to run into some hazy déja-vus – the feeling that you’ve been here before, facing…