Bluetooth dual-booting: Sharing a bluetooth device between linux and windows

If you’ve used Linux for several years across various devices you are going to run into some hazy déja-vus – the feeling that you’ve been here before, facing this problem, getting that error. But it’s been so long that your bookmarks and notes about it are long gone, not to mention any recollection of how or whether you even found a solution.

Sharing a bluetooth device between Windows and Linux is one such experience for me. I had a blutooth keyboard that I never got properly working with both OSes. I eventually spilled sticky, smelly liquid into the keyboard and tossed it. That was years ago. Today, I unpacked a pair of Edifier E25 Bluetooth pc speakers and ran head first into the problem I had faced oh back in 2011, probably:

You can pair the device to your pc in Linux and then pair it in Windows but either OS will render the other’s pairing invalid. Which means that you have to remove the old pairing and ‘repair’ the speakers every time you booted into another OS. Which is so cumbersome you might as well just get a cable out and be done with it.


My amazing aluminium lunchbox: Using a NUC5i3 as HTPC, web server, cloud server and living room gaming PC

I never did buy that Intel NUC D34010WYKH, the home server upgrade that I recognised some two months back was a completely frivolous investment. I didn’t buy it because I bought the new 2015 Broadwell-based model instead. All told I spent 5000 DKR (~€670/$750) on the thing plus components and accessories. So let’s get to the point: Is it just as ridiculous and frivolous a waste of hard-earned cash as I said it would be? Yes, it is. Do I regret it? No, I don’t. Not one bit.


Arachnophobia: Getting the macro keys on the Razer BlackWidow to work on linux

I bought the Razer BlackWidow for the hardware, not for Razer’s Synapse software or all the joys that it offers (Google suggest for searchers entering Razer Synapse? “Razer Synapse sucks”) Which meant that I was perfectly content not to use any of the special function keys on the keyboard. However the thought hit me that I had five Firefox profiles (yes, I prefer not to do my banking in the browser I watch smut in. There. Happy?) and there were five macro keys sitting in a row, not being used. 1+1=?